WellPoint self-testing kiosk

WellPoint self-testing kiosk delivers time savings through patient participation


How much time does it take to perform vital measurements in your patients?

The WellPoint self-testing kiosk enables patients to independently measure their own vital health indicators at the point of care.

Results are immediately visible in the Electronic Patient Record and/or the patient receives a printout of the results immediately after the measurement. The results can be discussed directly with the doctor and nurse during the consultation hour. The WellPoint is easy to use in most waiting rooms. During the consultation with the doctor, this information immediately proves its value: the involvement of the patient increases, there is more effective contact time and the workload for the nurses is reduced.

The WellPoint can be used for:

  Pre-screening and risk assessment

  Flow optimization within hospitals and care institutions

  Promote the involvement of patients




Easy to use
  We can tailor the kiosk to different pathologies and unique needs with a wide range of options for patient identification, medical measurement devices, customizable questionnaires and results delivery.

      Performing a test isn’t just easy, patients tell us they actually enjoy doing it. Optional how-to videos guide the process for an instructive and educational patient experience.       A full test (blood pressure, weight, BMI calculation, heartbeat frequency and SpO2) takes patients between 3 and 4 minutes on average – without help.  


  According to Prof. Dr. Guy Hans, Medical Director of the University Hospital Antwerp, the kiosk fundamentally changed the course of office hours:  

"The data is immediately included in the medical file and immediately produces discussion material during the consultation. You can now directly discuss blood pressure and weight evolution. The patient thus becomes an active partner. On average, our patients visit us several times a year. They can follow evolution. For example, they are more aware of their BMI. It opens perspectives in primary prevention.

In addition, there is the time savings: "Most of the actions that the patient performs at the kiosk are compulsory costs for every ambulatory patient. But they are labor intensive. The measurements at the kiosk take on average more than three minutes. If a caregiver has to do that, you easily go to 10 minutes. This saves a lot of time on a large number of patients. The caregivers can use that time to look over other things ".


Source: www.maguza.be

WellPoint not only offers health results at your fingertips, but also:

Cost reduction - and value creation Up to 7 times the cost savings compared to testing done by a registered nurse
Capacity building - Physicians and nurses save hours, so their time can be spent on more valuable tasks
System efficiency - One software for multiple pathologies that fully integrates with the hospital’s existing electronic data register
Data quality and privacy - Results are automatically entered into the system without manual entry by hospital staff – and without being shared with a third party
Patient empowerment - Patient involvement increases health literacy and responsibility, while optional video educates and instructs
Disease screening - Adaptable, validated questionnaires can be used to screen for disease and provide risk assessment