Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA)












Integrate medical data


Processing medical data


View and analyze medical data


Archiving of medical data



  • All medical documents and data are integrated into one system, where existing systems can both be replaced or linked

  • All relevant data insight at patient and/or admission level

  • Non-proprietary migration of documents, biosignals, images, structured data and videos with the possibility of conversion to standard medical formats such as DICOM, HL7, XML, JPEG, MPEG and PDF/A

  • Various gateways for data acquisition such as Photoapp, solutions for document scanning, photo, video and document import

  • Significantly fewer administrative actions are required



  • Health Care Content Management system provides the necessary tools to support the user in the acquisition, use and processing of data

  • Automated categorization of data according to medical standards (ICD-10, SNOMED-CT, RADLEX and NICTIZ metadata sets)

  • Generating worklists (DICOM modality worklist broker) from the RIS/eMAR for planned workflow

  • Linking patient data to appropriate research data from eMAR for unplanned workflow

  • Automatic hospital-wide synchronization of (meta) data in all systems

  • Intelligent demonstration tools for multidisciplinary consultation

  • Data accessible over different locations



  • The Universal zero-footprint Viewer shows all medical data per patient at a glance

  • All medical data, documents, images, videos and signals can be accessed throughout the hospital via one uniform viewer

  • Structured presentation of data according to a tree structure

  • Easy navigation through medical data through intelligent filters

  • Customizable display options

  • Suitable for use as an IHE-XDS consumer

  • Supports various browsers

  • Zero footprint



  • The Healthcare Content Management system contains a vendor-neutral and certified (long-term) storage for all medical data

  • A central archive: cost efficient and easy to manage

  • Extensive possibilities for Information life-cycle management

  • Revision-resistant archiving of all relevant medical information within an IHE-compliant archive

  • Uniform data structure for regional exchange (DICOM, XDS, XDM, portal integration)

  • Independent of brand and type of storage



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