Suspension systems

Suspension systems are indispensable from hospitals. Hygienic, because there is nothing left on the ground and yet within reach of the health care professional through a huge range of the suspension system.

A suspension system is always adapted to the application and the environment. Is there any space on the ceiling or is the wall the most suitable mounting location? And what should be there: only a monitor or a complete workstation for PDMS, among other things? Everything is possible!
By applying existing techniques and bringing them together for our own developments, such as the C-motion bracket (monitor and keyboard bracket), there are unique possibilities. For example, an ergonomic workstation that can be used both seated and upright. The height adjustment is very smooth and simple, because the suspension is adapted to the application. The cables run through the mounting, so cleaning is easy.

Of course we will gladly give you extra information about bridging the space above the cosmetic ceiling, installation or maintenance of the suspension systems.


Workstation on the wall   Workstation on the ceiling   Especially for the patient


Do you have questions about suspension systems?   Our specialists will be happy to advise you. 

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