Rest/stress ECG

With the new cardio 300 and 400 modules, custo med takes the standard to a higher level. The 12-channel rest/stress ECG units are available wirelessly (Bluetooth) in addition to the conventional USB versions.

High-end ECG diagnostics with digital acquisition, analysis and storage.

In combination with the custo diagnostic suite, the complete solution for a complete digital and integrated workflow using open standards such as HL7 and DICOM.



custo cardio 300 - BT/USB  


  • 12-channel ECG module
  • Easily mobile and deployable ons site 
  • Integrated LEDs indicate individual signal quality
  • Pacemaker recognition
  • Sampling rate up to 32 kHz
custo cardio 400 - BT/USB  



  • 12-channel ECG module with suction electrodes
  • Hygiene certificate of the German Association for Hospital Hygiene
  • Automatic control of suction power, possibility to adjust manually
  • 4000 Samples/sec. Pacemaker (0.25 ms)
  • Electrode control with automatic quality indication


custo sensive
the skin-friendly ECG electrode

  • For rest- stress- and holter ECG
  • Excellent signal quality
  • Reduced artifacts through gel technology
  • Skin-friendly material, air and moisture-permeable
  • Latex- and PVC free