Remote Fleet Manager

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Remote Fleet Manager, one of AMiSconnect's new modules, gives you from any workplace complete insight into the status of all carestations. As a service provider, you will ensure the continuity of the care process. Timely warning for (future) malfunctions is crucial for the availability and continuity of care processes.
Thanks to accurate information about computer systems and batteries, the nature of malfunctions can be known faster and more clear. Timely e-mail or text notifications inform you of exceeding set limits, so you can act adequately in an early stage.

Preventing malfunctions and analyzing remotely saves us hours a week, as it is not always necessary to walk to the department.

 – Head of IT Helpdesk


Benefits for the hospital

  • Web-based monitoring of Alphatron hardware from an IT-workspace
  • More certainty/clarity about the cause of a malfunction
  • Ability to receive notifications (mail, text) in response to exceeding limit values
  • When reporting a malfunction, immediately provide valuable information to the Alphatron service department
  • Ability to let Alphatron watch over the hardware
  • Data monitoring:

  • PC systems
    -   Temperature
    -   Memory
    -   Status hard drives
    -   Wi-Fi quality
    -   Track & Trace

    AMiS Power-System
    -   Battery percentage
    -   Temperature
    -   Cell values and total value
    -   Consumption
    -   Operating time and charging time
    -   Number of cycles
    -   Preventive maintenance
    -   Battery power