Mobile carestation

AMiS - Alphatron Mobile intelligent careStation - is a totally new concept in the field of Mobile Point of Care. AMIS is the answer to the rapidly increasing demand for integrated, multifunctional mobile workplaces that will increase the efficiency of the careprovider around the patient.

Medical IT hardware

Aspects such as medical safety, hygiene and reliability are inextricably linked to the product group medical IT hardware. Distinctive is the choice we have made for you in the range of brands and models. Our flexibility and reliability of delivery and years of reliable service are not only your, but also our selection criteria for our range of IT products.

Medical carrier systems

High quality, versatile, innovative and specially designed for the healthcare. These are the most important characteristics for the carrier systems that Alphatron Medical supplies. Whether it concerns mobile solutions or fixed systems; for each system, they are extremely versatile and can be built entirely to your wishes. Through our years of collaboration with both manufacturers and healthcare institutions, we can put together the perfect assembly system, tailored to the environment, application and user.


Digital imaging