Mobile equipment carts

Mobile, agile, robust and adjusted to your application!

Whether it is an ergonomic height-adjustable workplace that can be used anywhere, an OR tower with medical isolation transformers for endoscopy equipment or a device trolley for a treatment room; Alphatron can deliver it. And not only deliver; Through years of collaboration with the manufacturer iTD and the healthcare institutions, we can also provide tailor-made advice. ITD is distinguished by high quality and enormous flexibility. From six basic frames, every desired configuration can be put together. You can configure the configuration yourself by means of the configurator or we can put it together on the basis of your wishes. Ultimately, your trolley will be custom built and assembled to you.

The six basic frames are all available in different heights, sometimes also in different widths, more or less plateaus or drawer units. Yet the basic frames distinguish themselves with unique characteristics:




The right choice in small spaces

Especially in difficult conditions and in tight spaces, the uni-cart is a good choice. Its variable chassis ensures the high-est stability. Smaller packages up to 60 kg total weight can be taken without problems.



Adjusted to situation and space

The vexio-cart has a slim and appealing design. Side-mountable cable ducts provide an almost invisible and electrically safe cabling concept. The cart can be loaded up to 65 kg. An optional retract-able and lockable box under the chassis pro-vides more storage space and protects against unauthorized access.



A strong type - for all cases

The pro-cart can be loaded up to 80 kg. To prevent leakage from the equipment, an isolation transformer can be inte-grated. The cover profile with soft rubber lip pin and locking mechanism provides access to a uni-que cable management. Data and power cables can be separated in the central column.



One for all cases

Several extension variants and an extensive, modu-lar accessory program make the classic-cart an all-rounder in every hos-pital. The load capacity of the cart is up to 150 kg. Sockets and cables find space in one of the columns. Optional iso-lating transformers pro-vide additional safety.



Lots of space and useful details

Thanks to the design of the base, the compact-cart achieves an optimal ratio of storage space and useful space. The cart has a load capacity of 180 kg. The columns guarantee safe electricity and also offer virtually invisible cable management. Op-tionally, an isolation trans-former can be installed.


Accessories - many extras for daily practice

With the extensive choice of accessories, together with the system components every individual desire for an equipment set-up can be realized. For example, special holders ensure the perfect attachment of endoscopes, gas cylinders or infusion systems. Baskets serve to store smaller materials and support various sockets, with suitable plug-in barriers according to the standards, a necessary and safe electrification. Thanks to our extensive program, virtually all of your requirements can already be met in the standard versions.

Do you have questions about mobile equipment carts?   Our specialists will be happy to advise you. 

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