Mobile Diagnostics

Diagnostic equipment combined with a mobile workstation is efficient and saves space. AMiS is the ideal partner! This reduces the number of individual "trolleys" for specific purposes. With AMiS as a mobile diagnostic workstation, you can combine digital reporting with daily routine examinations such as blood pressure measurement, temperature and ECG directly at the patient's bedside!



  • Vital Signs integration

    Diagnostic solutions combined with the all-in-one mobile care workplace, AMiS, contribute to more efficient work of nursing staff. These solutions prevent patients from being transported to and from other locations and examination rooms. Moreover, the purchase of multiple mobile solutions is no longer necessary. With AMiS Diagnostics you combine mobile care with diagnostic examinations such as Vital Signs and ECG, directly at the patient's bedside!


  • ECG integration

    By combining custo med PC-based heart and lung diagnostics with a mobile solution, you can easily add an ECG acquisition functionality to the (AMiS) care workplace. It is even possible to create a fully functional stress ECG lab.