ITD mounting systems

Strong suspension, flexible in use

The product range of stationary portable systems at ITD is characterised by a variety of mounting and application options. In patient monitoring, intensive care units or operating rooms, in monitoring centres, first-aid departments or in the information centre, ITD products offer a tailor-made solution for all requirements due to their flexible system design, diversity and variability. The wide range includes fixed, swivel and height-adjustable support arms, as well as the numerous possibilities for optimal adaptation to the existing infrastructure. In addition, the solutions can easily and quickly be retrofitted to meet new needs and thus remain future-proof. 



Quickly deployed and future-proof

The rm-port swivel arms are available in two standard lengths or as double arms. They have a load capacity of up to 18 kg. Thanks to the simple and inexpensive "one-man assembly", the swivel arms are quickly ready for use. They are ergonomic, positionable and therefore offer you very high operating comfort.



Multifunctional and comfortable

The mf-port swivel and carrying arms have a load capacity of up to 23 kg. The single arms or double arms are available in variable lengths, fulfilling every wish for the daily work process.



Versatile use

The variable height adjustable flexion-port support arm opens up versatile and flexible applications for you: either fixed to the wall or mobile on one of our carts. He has a load of up to 20 kg. The gas springs anchored in the technique ensure high operating comfort and reliability.



Compact and height adjustable

The lf-port is a height-adjustable support arm that ensures the comfortable movement of medical monitors and has a load capacity of up to 8kg. The lf-port support arm can be mounted on an appliance trolley and is therefore mobile. The lf-port can aslo be mounted on the wall.


  Load capacity Up to 23 kg       Load capacity Up to 23 kg      
Load capacity Up to 20 kg
Load capacity Up to 8 kg
  Standard length (mm)       Standard length (mm)        Standard length (mm)        Standard length (mm)  


250 mm
325 mm

250 + 250 mm
325 + 325 mm



206 mm

348 mm

348+348 mm
Support arm

300 mm
400 mm
600 mm

Support arm on swing arm 300+350 mm
400+350 mm
Support arm

225 mm

Support arm on swing arm 225+250 mm
225+325 mm


System components and accessories  

For example:

  • Load profiles
  • Monitor adjustments
  • Keyboard platforms
  • Storage baskets


Do you have questions about iTD mounting systems?   Our specialists will be happy to advise you. 

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