Glucose meter system

When using insulin, it is important that the sugar level in the blood is measured regularly. 

With the custo gluco hct these measurements are digitally transferred to the custo diagnostic platform. The telemetric connection to the platform ensures that your patients' blood glucose values are up to date and immediately available. 

A highly efficient and patient-friendly solution that minimizes visit frequency and optimizes monitoring.




custo gluco hct  
  • Easy to use and large display
  • Measured values incl. date and time
  • Wireless data transfer
  • Ejection of test strip
  • Automatic test strip recognition (autostart)
  • Short measuring times (5s)
custo gluco hct holter  
  • All the information at a glance
  • Full integration of blood glucose data to the custo diagnostic platform
  • Daily curve, statistics, glucose percentage and trends
  • User-definable display configuration
  • Easy printing of all data
  • Individual limit values can be determined easily, quickly and automatically