GCX mounting systems

GCX's focus on healthcare has created a unique understanding of the interaction between medical devices, users and the specific health care environments. In collaboration with partners and customers, GCX develops products that can be used in virtually any area of healthcare for secure positioning, mobility and ergonomic use for medical devices and computer products. The goal: to develop tools and solutions with which medical staff can improve patient care.

In addition to our expertly engineered tailor-made products, we offer a range of internationally recognized series products, as well as customer service and support, to provide excellent service to our customers.



VHM series

A versatile base for medical workstations and patient monitoring computers

The VHM mounting arms allow computers and medical devices to move weightlessly through a range of movements suitable for all users in the point-of-care area, whether they are sitting or standing. In addition to the compensated vertical movement, the VHM series can also be adjusted, tilted and swivelled sideways to ensure that devices are placed at the optimal viewing angle.

The VHM arms can be adapted to virtually any installation situation in a clinical environment: walls, counters, ceilings, posts, rails, anaesthesia machines and more. The VHM-36 can mount workstations or larger medical devices. The more compact VHM-25 mounts flat panel displays and smaller devices.


VHC series

A solution for the most
difficult areas

The VHC series systems support a flexible, height-adjustable Point of Care workstation. The VHC can be configured with a full range of standard GCX arms to provide a continuous wall-mounting workstation or a fully removable workstation for better interaction between caregiver and patient. 

The VHC series is specifically designed for use in limited space healthcare environments. Just 10 cm from the wall, the VHC is an ideal solution for corridors, examination rooms and emergency departments.


M series

A fully customizable mounting solution for any healthcare environment

The M-Series arm is a durable, easy to clean mounting solution with a slim design, especially for medical devices. Each arm is equipped with an internal cable management to keep the installation clear and tidy.

The M-series is an ideal solution for applications that require easy positioning of the device at the point of care.

The arms of the M-series are available in different lengths, from mounting brackets to a double hinged arm of 61 cm. The arms can be adapted to any installation situation, including walls, round posts, a variety of rail profiles and anaesthesia machines. This versatile arm is compatible with a wide range of accessories and devices.


Desktop systems 

desktop brackets

desk clamp
(VHM-25 arm)

Various column heights available

Front-end options
75/100 mm VESA




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