Custo TERA - the software for high quality and fast holter analysis

Holter research has a primary place in the platform custo diagnostic suite. Multi-day monitoring of the patient in his own daily environment often gives good results. Analysis of these tests is done by professionals and therefore requires professional software. TERA is the analysis program to deliver fast, accurate and user-friendly research results. This unique software reduces the analysis time by up to 50% compared to conventional software, a considerable time saving in combination with a very high quality.    


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After the data is imported, the initial analysis displays important events such as frequent extrasystols, ventricular tachycardia or asystolic oil in combination with the heart rate trend.

Simple analysis; annotation N-V-A-S, number of complexes, percentage in relation to all complexes.


Comparison with previous studies.

Automatic interpretation and easy addition of text with pre-defined text blocks.