Collective Lock intelligent (CLi)

Safe, controlled access to medication, central remote and connected with Active Directory

Secured and user friendly


Ease of management

  • Limited unauthorized access to the medication
  • Secured authentication with an ID-proximity badge, conventional smart card, fingerprint, PIN or password
  • Auto-close of the medication box if users log off or change sessions
  • Set timers which respond to inactivity within a user session
  • Connected with Imprivata OneSign through Confirm ID™
  • Settings for different workflows
  • Simplifies compliance with regulations
  • Central user authorization rights management
  • Central logging of all events (who has when and how access to the medication)
  • Possibility for connecting medication boxes to groups or departments with Active Directory
  • Central management of (individual) settings such as automatic timers

Electronic security

AMiS medication box CLi locks and unlocks all medication bins with a login code or employee card. An electronic lock mechanism ensures that only qualified professionals have access to the medication. The individual programmable timer ensures the safety: when AMiS isn't used for a certain amount of time, the medication bins are locked automatically. 


Easy access

Because of the addition of an intelligent wireless connector (AWCP) between the medication box and the integrated computer (fat client or thin client) of AMiS, the intelligent medication box communicates with the hospital network. The caregiver has access to the medication box through a personal (PIN)code or password, which is entered by using the normal keyboard or the touchscreen. In fact; authorize and authenticate can now even with the employee card (ID-proximity badge)! A simple act for nurses which ensures ease of use and safety.


Easy to manage

The CLi Management Dashboard makes the construction and management of the medication box settings centrally organized. All medication boxes are with CLi manageable from one central workstation: authorization of users, settings of the (individual) programmable timers, but also inspection of log files. An additional advantage is that there is real time information available about which employee has (had) access to which medication box and with which authorization mode. It is also easy to see how often and how many caregivers used the medication cart in the process.





  • With AMiSconnect integrated to the hospital network
  • Wireless connection AMiS computer (AWCP)
  • No installation of local drivers and files required
  • Supports desktop infrastructures: CITRIX XenDesktop/XenApp with HDX, VMware Horizon View with PCoIP, Microsoft App-V and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services
  • Easy management of users with Active Directory

Wireless connection

With the Alphatron Wireless Communication Protocol (AWCP) users and administrators get wireless access to the medication box.
A RFID based Nearfield Communicator ensures that data can be safely transferred between AMiS and the medication box, without the disturbance caused by the area. 

Full integration in the hospital network

Medication box CLi communicates with the hospital network without installing drivers and local files. The medication box is automatically included in the CITRIX session. 

Connection with Active Directory

Because of the integration with Active Directory users can easily be imported in de CLi user module. Through an LDAP connection all users are being updated. In the user module is possible to add a personal PIN code to every AD-user. 

Connection Imprivata

Because of the Imprivata connection, it is possible to connect the CLi medication software with Imprivata Confirm ID™,  whereby authorization through the system is logged and managed.



The application

Access to the medication box

Login   Access    

When the medication box automatically closes, the login screen will be displayed. After closing, the indicator on the box will display 'LOCKED'.

Automatic closing
The medication box closes automatically after the (individual) programmable timers. The timer reacts to the inactivity of the user on the computer. The amount of remaining seconds are visible at the bottom of the screen. 

Login to the application CLi can be done by using an employee card or a personal code. By recognizing the right identification, the medication box will open.    After logging in the next screen will show that the box is opened.   


Central management

Login as administrator can be done from any workplace with access to the client application. 

  • Overview (general settings)
  • Overview and management of all medication boxes in the network
  • Connect medication boxes to departments and groups
  • Manage individual medication box settings 
  • User management; through connection with Active Directory groups
  • Change authorisation settings (PIN code, card, Imprivata integration)
  • Change general settings of workflows and timers
  • See log files of medication boxes, departments and users