The mobile connectivity platform for IT and nursing


The functionalities of AMiSconnect contribute to an efficient and user-friendly workflow. The nurse logs in once with his or her personal ID badge and the mobile workstation automatically goes to the correct ergonomic working height. The eMAR is then opened and the correct patient file is always displayed on the screen by scanning the patient's barcode. The Vital Signs measurements are shown on the computer screen, after which the EWS (Early Warning Score) is calculated at the touch of a button and measurements are stored directly in the eMAR. The healthcare provider then provides the medication in the same flow to the patient through the individually linked / secured patient drawers of the medication box.

...On to the next patient!


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Time saving

Fast and safe medication

Simple login, fewer actions and no delay in displaying information ensure an efficient workflow for the nursing and more time and attention for the patient. For the IT administrator, the mobile workplace becomes a simple and well-organized device within the hospital that ensures continuity in the department.

With the intelligent medication solution, the caregiver receives secure, fast and controlled access to medication through a personal pin code or ID badge. User rights are managed centrally and are linked to the Active Directory. With the intelligent timer, medication access is never locked too early or too late.

Continuity with the Fleet Manager   Central authorisation   Automatic workplace settings   Individually connected medication trays

The Remote Fleet Manager of AMiSconnect gives the service provider a complete insight into the operational status of all fixed and mobile care workstations. Thanks to accurate information about computer systems, equipment, batteries and the Wi-Fi connection, the service provider is proactive in preventing disruptions. The nature of disruptions can also be retrieved faster and more clearly. With the Remote Fleet Manager you can efficiently maximize the continuity of the care process!

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  Central user management and linking to the Active Directory (AD) makes it possible to access all functionalities of AMiSconnect safely, quickly and in a controlled manner; access to medication, your personal working height and the signing/forwarding of Vital Signs measurements.   After logging in to the mobile workstation, AMiS is automatically set to your last used personal sitting or standing height. Through central data storage within AMiSconnect, the personal workplace height is automatically taken over at every AMiS workplace within the hospital.   With the individually controlled medication box, medication trays are linked directly to a patient or medication and secured during the entire process from pharmacy to the bed of the patient. Medication is no longer exchanged through patient verification. The linking (integration) of the medication box and the eMAR ensures complete control of medication within the familiar user environment of the eMAR.
Integration according to standards HL7 / IHE   Integratie Single Sign On providers   Vital Signs directly in the eMAR   Four eyes principle

With HL7 links, AMiSconnect is able to communicate easily with all eMAR packages.


Through integration between AMiSconnect and Single Sign On providers, a perfect combination is made between existing solutions and AMiS's software and hardware solutions. Usernames and passwords are replaced by scanning an ID badge and/or fingerprint.

  In addition to the physical integration with AMiS, the most used Vital Signs equipment now integrates with the eMAR. The measurements are taken and displayed directly on the computer screen. Then the EWS is calculated and the data is automatically sent to the eMAR. Less actions, fewer risks when retyping the values, no delay before values are available and traceability are essential for a safe and efficient workflow.   With the individually controlled medication solution, it is also possible to add a four-eyes principle to medication drains. This functionality provides additional security on, among other things, medication drains with opiates.


Flow in nursing = more time and attention for the patient


The benefits of AMiSconnect

  Nursing     IT
Ergonomics through the automatic workplace setting   Central management of authorizations and settings of AMiSconnect platform

Measurement and research data directly available in the eMAR   More certainty and clarity about the nature of a malfunction

Medication safety through drawers at patient level, automatic locking and four eyes principle   Web-based monitoring of all Alphatron hardware from the IT workplace

Decrease number of actions   Receiving notifications at identified attention points

Time saving   Time saving