All-in-one mobile carestation

...the multifunctional intelligent carestation for now and the future

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AMiS - Alphatron Mobile intelligent careStation - goes beyond the so-called 'Computer on Wheels' where the focus lies on creating a mobile computer. AMiS is designed for the caregiver. All the necessary technology to work safely, hygienically and mobile is available by default. The design, ergonomics and functional aspects of the AMiS are the key elements in promoting the efficiency and easy usability by the caregiver.

AMiS has a modular design and can be adjusted to the requirements and desires of new and changing healthcare processes. With the integrated AMiS computer you can be certain that upgrades of hard- and software are easily achievable.

AMiS is specially designed to create a workstation which will provide a mobile and wireless access to the EHR. AMiS could be used to administer medication, but can also be used to instantly access the Electronic Nursing Record. The carestation can be equipped with storage compartments for medical devices and other accessories.

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