About us

Due to the aging of the population and the increasing administrative pressure on healthcare, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to blindly rely on digital systems within healthcare institutions. These systems should simplify and improve work processes within healthcare. Nothing is more frustrating than you are ambitious, but the technology does not cooperate.

Alphatron Medical therefore offers 'medical workware' that enables healthcare professionals to work smoothly and comfortably in the entire care process. This integrated approach makes us a unique player that actually creates flow in healthcare. Our specialists work together with clients to develop complete solutions through smart application and integration of hardware and software. From medical workstations and the mobile care station AMiS to routine cardio diagnostics and the Healthcare Content Management systems from JiveX and Mach7.

Many hospitals are choosing a long-term partner that can optimize their flow. Alphatron Medical is the ally who guides them through vision and creativity through existing and new technical possibilities. The party who understands that their tools must be efficient, safe and reliable in order to be able to work well. That is Alphatron Medical. We bring flow in healthcare.


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